The iconic Garuda from Dark Ages Coffee, a mythological animal from the Indonesian philosophy (the coat of arms), an eccentric visualization that is the result of revelations and thoughts of our pessimistic affection for the decadence of this authoritarian and decadent country. Garuda is only a symbolic “abdi dalem/inner servant/courtiers” with all its advantages being ridden by opportunistic manipulative hypocritical people, we are lying hungry from the fertile soil, we do not enjoy the results of brewing our own gardens, only pure extraction of the juice of blood because our sweat has dried up, while we are grateful for the lesser- evil was very evil oppressing us. We are here cursing with Dark Ages.Dark Ages is a disensus because consensus is no longer healthy and populist.

“Garuda who was betrayed, and no longer has a homeland”.

The rise of the revolution, this is the way we are taking as a cultural forum in the field of the Indonesian coffee world. We are still able to contribute to the market in our own way without obstructing our identity in the specialty coffee industry, from the groans of farmers to being present in the euphoria of the cup of coffee connoisseurs.

Closing the MXMX crisis period, Dark Ages Coffee started with a new spirit of change marked by the evolution of the garuda which turned into a red humanoid monster named: Bakar Badjingan, with a pose like a war dance armed with a spear which means “resistance, disobedience and declaration of war because of the creation of autonomy” . The snake that is ready to pounce indicates “an indication of love for something, namely devotion”. And the bell symbolizes “the voice of togetherness in taste”.

We hate poverty, frustration and crises.Among the desires to cheer up this commonwealth.

Enjoy the new spirit of Dark\Ages Coffee.